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Clothing Tops the Shopping List for Cross-Border Shoppers Worldwide

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Clothing Tops the Shopping List for Cross-Border Shoppers Worldwide

Nearly 50% of cross-border digital buyers worldwide ages 18 and up say they have purchased clothing and apparel, footwear and accessories from cross-border ecommerce sites in the past year, according to a November 2016 report from PayPal and Ipsos. Close to one-third also said they purchased consumer electronics, computers, tables and mobiles and peripherals.

A quarter of those surveyed said they made travel or transportation purchases on cross-border ecommerce sites. Nearly as many made similar purchases on digital entertainment or education purchases, like ebooks and digital music, and 23% bought toys and hobbies via a cross-border ecommerce site.

The cross-border shopping habits parallel general digital shopping behaviors. For example, data from Feedvisor and Walker Sands Communications shows that 46% of Amazon shoppers purchased apparel on the site in the summer of 2016. (Books, movies and electronics were even more common, not surprising given Amazon’s focus.)

eMarketer estimates that retail ecommerce sales worldwide will top $1.9 trillion 2016, excluding travel and event tickets. That’s an increase of nearly 25% from 2015.

eMarketer projects worldwide retail ecommerce sales will approach $2.4 trillion in 2017, when, for the first time, retail ecommerce will make up fully 10% of total retail sales. By 2020, eMarketer forecasts sales will top $4 trillion, nearly 15% of all retail sales worldwide.

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